Security Systems

Powerful Security Protection

NexGen has an unbeatable combination of leading-edge technology and industry experience.

The results are RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE security solutions of the highest QUALITY that are easy to use, and are easily UPGRADEABLE.


Advanced security systems that can… turn all the homes lights on in the event of a night time alarm giving you the ability to see everything instantly and taking away all of a burglars hiding places. We design a system that will shut of your water main in the event of a pipe rupture saving thousands of dollars in damages. We can also set up our customers alarm systems to shut down their heating and cooling systems should a fire alarm occur, this prevents smoke from being spread throughout the house by the HVAC system and provides them with a more time to get out of the home.

Our carefully designed, easy-to-use alarm systems are durable and reliable. Our systems can accept new or future products and can be expanded and enhanced rather than having to be replaced. With over 1000 configurable items available, we can build an alarm system that works for you and your family and/or business. We are relentless in our commitment to deliver systems that work for you. All of this combined with our experience gives us the confidence to say…your alarm system will work when it matters.


NEXGEN Controls is a leader in the design and implementation of video security systems and equipment ideal for residential and business applications. From One or two camera systems to hundreds of cameras, NEXGEN Controls always design future proof video security systems allowing for future growth at minimal costs, using the latest technologies so that your system will not be “out dated” in the near future. All of our video security systems are easy to understand, operate and manage.


Nothing is more vital to the health of an organization than making sure that its people, material assets and operations are safe and secure. Access control addresses the full scope of risks that might arise, including risks that other security systems such as burglar alarms and intrusion detection simply are not designed to handle.
By preventing people from entering places where they do not belong, access control protects against theft as well as liability and disruption to your operations.

Access control can also integrate with other security and operational systems to give you a comprehensive, cohesive management tool. Access control enhances security by eliminating the need for keys, which are easily lost or duplicated & disappear when terminated employees fail to return them. By using our access control badges instead, you can quickly & conveniently adjust or delete privileges any time an employee's status changes. If you install our access control software on a networked system, you can even perform these tasks from a remote location. Avoiding the annual expense of re-keying a facility is just one of the many financial benefits you will accrue from investing in an access control system


Our monitoring services are handled by a ULC approved monitoring stations providing the highest level of alarm monitoring services by staff that is dedicated only to responding to your alarm situation. How we respond to your alarm situation is also customizable, whatever the customer wants to happen will happen. They can choose to have police dispatch or not, to have security response or not, to call them or a list of people that they provide.


You'll never be more than a few steps away from answering the door, monitoring a child's room, communicating to another part of the house, or listening to music. what could be more convenient. No matter where you are in the home, you'll be able to answer your door and safely screen visitors - making your home more secure. From homes to high rise buildings, from one door, one gate to hundreds of units. We do them all.


Good security starts with a good design, better security starts with connecting all of your security systems together. We specialize in designing systems that work together providing you with a higher level of security while allowing for easy operation.